Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Buh-bye White Team!

I admit to missing the first 45 minutes of the Biggest Loser last night (it was my mom's birthday, so I was on the phone...). What the heck was up with that challenge? Not knowing what was going on, it looked a lot like each team had to bring another team a ball... I didn't get it. But the weigh in: what a surprise! I can't believe the Yellow Team bounced back like that! To beat the Orange Team (who are one of my favorites)!!

As for the two bottom teams, I kind of feel sorry for the Purple Team. I seem to lose weight at a slow pace. When I went to WW meetings, I was the person losing 2 pounds when everyone else was losing 6. It was really frustrating, and I felt like I was doing everything right. After weeks of that, I just gave up. I hope the Purple Girls don't get like that.

As for the White Team... oy. Neill is such a slacker. Dude, do you realize that if you had put your mind to it, you had a good chance of winning a quarter of a million dollars? Even if you are lazy, think of that. The best was when they were at the table and he said his wife could turn on the tears. I wondered if anyone who had voted for the Purple Team at that point wanted to take out a pen and scribble in Neill and Amanda. But, the way it looked, I don't think that anyone did vote for the Purple Team.

And next week? What is up with that? All the teams against one? And why would they choose the Yellow Team, which is what we are led to believe in the previews? Why not the Black Team, since they seem like the ones to beat? Sneaky sneaky NBC... I bet it's not the Yellow Team at all.

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