Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eye of the Tiger

I have to say the Biggest Loser episode from last night was probably one of the best of this season. I do have to wonder how all the other teams came to the conclusion that the Yellow Team was their biggest competitors. If it was me, I would have voted for the Black Team. But, as the Pink Team forshadowed, that would have been "strictly strategy." So, the plurality of votes went to the Yellow Team, which ticked big angry man off even more.

That was the point where he whipped out his old KUNG FU jacket (and about the time where, sitting at my table, eating my dinner, I started chuckling to myself). You could just tell at this point that his ex was like, oh geez NOT on TV. Paul started spouting Chinese wisdom about meek tigers tearing people apart for the fun of it. Um, and I'm supposed to believe you are a meek tiger? Yeah. Even Jillian almost peed her pants when she saw him in that jacket.

But WOW... the Yellow Team pulled it off. Not only did they win the Challenge, but they also won the weigh-in. Did the Blue and Orange Team help them pull it off? Maybe... but if I was them, I'd be mighty mad that I threw my weigh in to help the Pink Team get kicked off. All those niceties that the Yellow Team did for their competitors (the pictures and letters) will be forgotten next week because the Black Team is still there. What angers me is that Big Angry Man (Paul) is the one running the Yellow Team show. He doesn't treat his ex as a teammate, he makes all the decisions, and he royally screwed her for the next time they are on the chopping block.

On another note.... I'd like you to keep two of my aunts in your prayers or thoughts during the next few days. One of my aunts is recovering from majorly invasive surgery in Toronto right now, and another of my aunts is getting a knee replacement this morning. It's a hard time for my family so any good vibes coming our way will help. Thanks!

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Lauren said...

Your aunts are in my thoughts and prayers.

I did have something to point out about our yellow it any wonder they are divorced? I think I remember it being her that left him :)