Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweetness... gone

If you know anything about me, it's that I enjoy sweet things. Ever since my grandmother developed diabetes over a decade ago (more like 15 years ago) I incorporated Equal into my drinks, whether iced tea, coffee, or whatever. However, I've been reading more and more about the bad effects that these artificial sweeteners could have on your body. That's why I've cut my Equal per coffee cup. The women on my health and fitness board have encouraged us to just drink coffee black, but I can't do it. And I tried! So I've gone from four packets of Equal down to two. And you know what? Coffee doesn't taste that bad.

Have you tried ultra-skim milk yet? I grew up on whole milk. My family came from a farm in Italy before they moved to the US in the 1960s. To quote my mom, skim milk is water. It's what my grandfather used to throw away after he made cheese. After I moved on my own, I've weaned myself down from whole to 2%, 2% to 1%... but I couldn't make that jump to skim, because, to me, it DID taste like water. Sometimes, I like to drink a glass of milk, and I couldn't do that with skim. One of my coworkers mentioned the idea of "ultra skim" milk. I haven't found this anywhere else but at Walmart, but the ultra skim TASTES like 2%. It's amazing.

Tonight's Biggest Loser Tuesday... and since I don't have my business dinner anymore, I'll be able to tune into the whole two hours.


Rachel said...

I hear you about the equal...I wish I could cut it out of my coffee, too...but I can't. I've managed to stop using cream, which helps. I tried using milk, even whole milk, in my coffee but its not the same. If I have the fat free half and half, I'll use that. But don't have that at work or Dunkin Donuts :) Since I started WW, I've discovered I have a new addiction.....Diet Dr. Pepper. I love the stuff! I find that I really like it at night, when I'm craving something sweet. I know the fake sweetener isn't the best, nor are all the caffeine and chemicals that are in soda, but I can't give up all my guilty pleasures!

Princess Wonk said...

Good call Rach - DDP is the BEST! It really does taste more like regular.

I too made a milk leap. I was raised on 2%, so perhaps my leap wasn't as far, but I changed to skim and I no longer notice the difference. One success...one million to go!