Monday, January 28, 2008

I am uncoordinated :(

Part of my reinvigoration after my week of losing nothing is to try some different types of cardio, along with the Biggest Loser workout. So, on Saturday, I went to Sam's to get some dryer sheets and decided to look at their videos. I settled on a three pack of Prevention videos. The one that sucked me into that particular grouping was the dance workout. I love dance, and I used to take dance lessons when I was younger up until my senior year in high school.

I guess sometimes I like to forget that my senior year in high school was 11 years ago.

After doing my squats and lunges with Bob, I put in the new dance video... and proceeded to trip over my feet and twist my knee in ways that it shouldn't be twisted. I've come to the conclusion that I need to change out of my bulky New Balances into my nice sleek Pumas (or even barefoot!) when I do these exercises. If you've ever taken hip hop or jazz, you know that you're going to be wearing these sleek leather "shoes" that weigh next to nothing. Not New Balances that were designed for running or walking!! So, maybe I'm not uncoordinated. My shoes just make me that way :)

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Robyn said...

I like to forget that it was that long ago too....I still have the habit of telling people I danced through high school...forgetting that the last class I was in was 12 years ago!