Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow snow go away...

I woke up this morning to find two inches of snow on the ground. Grr... I'm not much of a snow driver. I lived in Florida for five years, and before that, I didn't have a car for four, so I never really learned how to drive in snow. Trial by fire for me later today!

I found a really good, low-WW points snack that I adore: 2 tablespoons of hummus (one point), one mini pita (another point), and six Sicilian cracked olives (one more point). I love ethnic foods, and this is a good energy pick me up in the middle of the afternoon. Yesterday, I actually had this for lunch, and had my lunch as a snack!

Last night, E and I went to see Juno. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it! Unfortunately, between school and vegging when I got home, that means that I didn't exercise yesterday. I made up for it by sneaking in a bottle of water in my purse, and only indulging in a few Sour Patch Kids. Tonight, if I survive my first day of classes, I'll be back to my cardio with Trainer Bob.

Ooh, Biggest Loser is on tonight! I really hope that the Yellow Team gets voted off. There's just something about the guy on that team that irks me... maybe it's because he's a little too touchy feely with his ex-wife. Makes me think, dude, if she left you, it must have been for a real reason!

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