Saturday, January 17, 2009

Run for your life!!

I know that it's been a theme on some blogs lately... exercise for your life, make it a part of your life, live longer, etc. But no, the title of this blog is somewhat literal. E and I went for a run at the gym again yesterday. Except, we didn't go at 7AM... well, at least I didn't go at 7AM. At 7AM it was -6 degrees. I went at 4PM when it was a balmy 6 degrees above zero. I figured, it's cold, it's Friday, there can't be that many students around. Wow, I couldn't have been more wrong.

There were herds of boys running on the track. HERDS. And they were running with no rhyme or reason. It seemed that a lot of them were running to be the fastest on the track and be damned who was in their way. There was no attention paid to the signs that said 'slower runners stay on the outside of the track, while faster runners stay inside'. These boys were just running all over the track, and almost running over people to be the fastest. I'll say, it's enough motivation to make me get up early in the morning and get my butt on the track to run with the "old" folks, not the young testosterone-y bunch!

As for my run, I did Week 5 Day 1 of C25K again... 5 minute runs with 3 minute walks. Still getting winded. Boy, am I out of shape! But sticking with it will help me over this hump instead of just giving up completely. I'm also going to start weight training again today. Little by little, I'll get back to the shape I was in prior to my Christmas binge!


Jason said...


I never run on that track...I hate it...I always run on the treadmill. BTW, make sure you alternate which direction you run on any track. If you keep going around the same direction every time you run, you'll end up causing some IT Band problems.

So is E a runner too?

carla said...

yes you can!
now, I caint be much help with the running but Im happy to kick you lovingly in the pants with the weights!


Cammy said...

Way to get back on track! No pun intended.

It will be interesting to see how quickly you get back to your previous shape. I'm thinking you'll progress more quickly than when you were first training.

Keep up the great work! (I wimped and it was a whopping 12 degrees here.*G*)

ptg said...

You can do it!!

c said...

I've been adding runs to my workouts too! I've actually noticed my endurance has built up faster this time.

I'm so impressed you went out in that weather. That is too cold for me!