Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I think everyone in the country (even my friends in Tallahassee!) could agree that it is mighty cold. So cold that I spent the morning catching up on work emails, paperwork, etc, in my pajamas, slurping down hot hot coffee. Is it wrong that I keep looking at and saying, okay Saturday will be back in the 30s. I can handle the 30s! I can handle the 20s! What I can't handle is single digit weather!!

So, even though it's cold outside, I've been staying on top of my gym going. It helps to have a gym buddy. However, on Tuesday, I went to the new gym by myself. Oh, that was an experience. Like I said, my new gym is the rec center on campus. I'm definitely not old, but I'm a good 10 years older than some of the kids that go there. Since I could only sign up between the hours of 10AM and 6PM, I figure I'd go at 10ish, work out and then come home. I found myself an elliptical and settled in for the next 45 minutes. Who knew it would be so amusing to watch the New Year's resolution crowd kick in?

There was a girl on another elliptical wearing the TIGHTEST clothing I've ever seen. Her racerback top was about two sizes too small. She wasn't a big girl, but she definitely wasn't a twig either. And you can tell she was self-conscious because she kept tugging at her shirt. Oh, goodness. Then, the same pair of 18 year olds kept walking around, waiting for two machines next to each other to open up. I don't know... when I go to the gym, I have an in and out mentality. Get on a machine, do my 45 minutes, and I'm done. I wish I had the time these girls did to waste walking around, waiting for two contiguous machines to be open. Then, my favorite: The "we're so in love" couples. These bf/gf combos are also looking for machines together. The guy constantly offers his lady some water, making sure she's okay, blah blah blah. But do they get much work done? They're too busy BEING together for that nonsense!

I'm excited about my run tomorrow morning because I'll be able to use my NEW running shoes. When I was home, I was refitted for shoes, because I had a suspicion that my shoes were too big (hence the blisters on my instep). I was right. The guy who runs the running store apologized for whoever put me in those sneakers... he said that he had hired a new guy right around the time that I was fitted, and he suspected it was him. Makes me kind of hesitant to go back to that store, but at least I have an idea of what kind of shoe I should be looking for, even on my own. Anyway, I bought a pair of Brooks this time, just to try some other brand out. I'll let you know about the maiden run on Friday :)


Jason said...

Yeah no lie its cold.

The rec center is always an experience. I enjoy going because I get to make fun of all the dummies on my blog. I think I'm going to start using my cellphone to take pictures of the idiots and then post them up.

Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm like 5-10 years older than you...I love showing up all the young students...wait until you see your first student from one of your classes....they should tell new students that payback for class problems is a bitch. HAHA!!

Devon said...

Um. I'm even further south than Tally, and it was a little chilly this morning (40s).

Just_Kelly said...

Tonight the low is going to be 27 degrees here in Tally. Craziness.

Cammy said...

Hmmm, I think those same two 18-year olds were at my gym. :)

I'm a get in/get out kind of gym girl myself. My sit down-cool down period is about a minute; then I'm outta there.

Cold here, too. It's bad when I'm double layered INSIDE my house!

Angie Eats Peace said...

That weather does not sound like fun. I am such a spoiled CA girl, and complain when it is in the 50's.

RooBabs said...

The weather here has been in the low 40's- which is warm for UT. But when the sun isn't up, it's definitely frosty! This weekend I'm headed south to St. George, then Vegas where it's supposed to be 60 during the day- wahoo! Can't wait.

That's funny about the gym. I know what you mean, and it's always interesting in January, because it's so crowded with the resolution folks.

Congrats on the new shoes! I'm thinking it's close to time to get a new pair to rotate in the mix, especially if I end up doing another half this spring. I'm excited to hear how it goes- the running and the shoes!