Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Biggest Loser: It's a Trap!

Okay, while I did watch BL last night, I'm having a hard time recalling specific details. So, you'll just have to help me out in the comments section. I was working while watching... and I'll be bogged down with work until Valentine's Day. Lucky, lucky me :)

Bob's team felt betrayed by Jillian's team, because they voted Damien off last week instead of Joelle. Filipe was wound up: If you want to play the game, let's play the game! Bob did some team building exercises with them and everyone was happy. Except... we got to visit their partners at home. Um, excuse me David? You're smoking AND pigging out? Laura? Partying it up in Miami Beach? Your friends on campus will be pissed when they find out.

Ali shows up with another NFL themed challenge (how lucky were they to get Kurt Warner... not knowing the Cards would be in the Super Bowl). It was a cooking challenge with that Australian hottie Curtis Stone, who hosts Take Home Chef on TLC. Now that's not an offer I'd argue with :) They had to guess the calorie content of fatty Super Bowl foods like chicken wings and seven layer dip. Then, Helen, Kristin, and Dan competed to have Curtis visit their partners who are at home plus a 2 pound advantage in the first couples weigh in. Dan won, and Curtis went to visit David in SC. At this point, I'm getting so annoyed at any BL product placement. They are just sooooooooo fake! (hey guys! don't eat that oatmeal! quaker's not a sponsor any more, even though we pushed it big time last season! eat fiber one instead!!!!!)

Their challenge was similar to the one they did last season with Steve Young and Jerry Rice... run footballs to each other's bins, fill them up, and the contestant gets disqualified. Helen won, beating Joelle (!!), and was able to guarantee that she and her daughter will be back next week.

Before the weigh in began, Ali had a surprise for everyone... their partners were back already! But would they stay? After the weigh ins, the brown team and Dan (orange) were in the bottom two. Ron, the Brown dad, cried, saying don't take this experience away from my son. David, on the other hand, was like, eh, you need to send me home, I don't care. Yeah, you probably want some more smokes and wings, no? At the voting table, I was so worried that the Brown Team would be going, but I'm glad that some people (Tara and Felipe) reemed David for his "I don't care" attitude. But wow... DANIEL!!! He lost 101 pounds since he's been home. He actually looks like a different person. He should be very proud of himself, since he obviously doesn't have the support of his teammate.

Next week... first 10 minutes, the at-home contestants weigh in. Let the fur fly! WOOO!!!!


Angie Eats Peace said...

David was really irritating me!

RooBabs said...

Okay, I finally got to watch BL last night, but when I started it, there was some local government bull crap that overlapped the first five minutes, so I missed the beginning. Sounds like things were pretty crazy.

I thought it was really weird how Joelle all of the sudden is putting forth effort now. I was so irritated with her last week, but now she's not so bad. I'm still not a huge fan, but the turnaround was just weird to me.

And I felt so bad for Dan. He has worked so hard, and done so great, and he even won that 2-lb pass in the challenge, and David just pissed it away. What a waste. I thought it was very interesting that Dan lost 101 lbs, but Dave has only lost 46. Sure you can do it at home, but look at what a difference a few weeks at the ranch did. Grrr.

About the whole Superbowl week, I just kept thinking how crazy it was that they had Kurt Warner, because it was obviously filmed long before the Cardinals even thought they had a chance to go to the Superbowl. NBC got totally lucky on that one, ha ha. But I'm a Kurt Warner fan. His story is inspirational, and it's great that such an "old" guy is still doing so well in professional sports.

But I really hate those kind of challenges where they have to take down the other players, because everybody just gangs up, and the strongest player doesn't necessarily win. Why can't they do challenges where the competitors have to prove how strong they are instead of just getting lucky at the end. But I'm glad that Helen won instead of Joelle. I do like the pink team, and it's so crazy that the challenge prize keeps being immunity.

I think the weigh-in of the other teammates will be interesting next week, especially since no one has a pass. = )