Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Biggest Loser Couples: Bleep Bleep Bleep!!!

Things have been going well with me so far this week. Yesterday, I officially signed up at the gym. Yay! I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and went home. Last night, E and I agreed to meet at the gym at 7AM, but we woke up to 12 degree weather and a bit of ice/snow on our cars. Are you kidding me? I got up for this? We ended up meeting at 7:15, but still we GOT there. We did Day One of Week Five from the C25K program. Let's just say that we're going to have to do it over again. The runs are 5 minutes long, with a 3 minute walk in between. The first five minutes were fine. The second and third runs? Oy... I had the worst cramp on my right side. But I pushed through it. I just kept thinking of Bob yelling at me :)

Speaking of, ahem... time for some BL analysis!!

Joelle just ticked me off from the beginning. Ali approached the contestants with a temptation: Take $5K and walk away from the game. Seriously, girlfriend, you thought $5K was going to turn your life around? And this show (and Bob) isn't? Grr... Ali then raised the ante from $5K to $10K to $15K. Joelle was the ONLY ONE who seriously considered it. And it ticked everyone off.

Next they faced their challenge: They had to kayak to shore and then hike up a hill (it was a mountain, but they only went up a little hill of it). Blaine (Black Team) and Tara (Green Team) were in the lead. I loved how Blaine kept shouting back at her. Ali called it egging her on, but really, Blaine was challenging her and encouraging her to keep going. Who knew she would pull it off and WIN immunity for the week? I know Blaine didn't!! Then, the contestants came in, one by one, some winning a phone call home, others just glad that they didn't get the one pound penalty. At the end, it was Daniel (Orange Team) and Jerry (White Team)... the heaviest contestant vs. the oldest contestant. Jerry ended up making it in ahead of Daniel, but at the same time, I was so touched that Blaine, Tara, and Helen (Pink Team) come back down to help Daniel all the way up the hill. Awesome job of bringing the spirit back to the BL guys!

Then, there was the official Bob freaks out moment. (and yes, I found Bob to be super hot, cussing a storm up... ah, passion) Joelle was half-assing her workouts all day. And Bob got pissed, just like he has every right to be. You're on the ranch, supposedly WANTING to be there, and you don't put in the effort. WTF? I was waiting for a Bob's team mutiny... I want to know who shouted "stop thinking about yourself! think of us!" when they had to do the sprints for the third time after Joelle jumped early. I'm starting to think that Carla was right about not wanting to leave Joelle on the ranch. I'd be pissed if my friend ruined it for me too.

So, the weigh in... Joelle was thisclose to being in the bottom two, but because of his one pound penalty, Daniel was under the line with Jerry. Okay, I wanted to cry at this point. The two people who needed to be on the ranch the most were in danger of leaving. I completely understand why the contestants decided to keep Daniel instead of Jerry... Daniel needs to LEARN so much more than Jerry does. But at the same time Jerry is so inspiring. But wait! What about the where are they now segment? Jerry lost 80+ pounds!! And looks AMAZING (as does Estella! Can't forget about her!) But I love the fact that the two of them put their noses to the grindstone and did it... all by themselves. Great job guys!

Ugh, more Joelle drama next week. I hope she doesn't turn into this season's Vicky. Your thoughts?


Half Blog Girl said...

"and yes, I found Bob to be super hot, cussing a storm up... ah, passion"


I was so upset that Jerry had to go and then I missed the "where are they now" part. Off to look it up online...

Cyd said...

I need to get started on the C25K program. I already jog on my own, but I can't go more 10 minutes or so without feeling like I might die. Should I start at week 1 even though it'll be too easy for me at this point? I'd love to know what you think!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Hah! LOVE your recaps Kiki!!!

Keep up the running and props for you for going to the gym in that weather!

Nick and Rebecca said...

I completely agree. But there's no way Joelle will be this season's Vicki because she doesn't have the drive. She'll be gone soon unless she has some sort of breakthrough.

I love how everyone is coming together this season. It's going to be an awesome season.

Great recap! :)

carla said...

(waitforit) for some reason Im totally not watching.
it's all taped and ready for me---but I havent had that burning urge.

Becca said...

Bob losing his temper? Rwwwrrr... Never has he been so hot.

I love that Bob had her pegged from the get-go as all talk and no work. Carla is going to be furious with her, although I'm not sure she would have been much better.

Funniest was Jillian's reaction to Bob's explosion and then him saying he was possessed by her.

I think Tara is going to rock this thing. Unfortunately that will make her a threat and put her in danger if she has a bad week. Seeing her run up that hill was awesome!

It was sad to see it come down to Orange vs. White, but the brown team guy was spot on when he said, "Jerry was thin before, he knows what that is like. Dan has never known that and if he goes home, he might never." Brown dad has 2 obese sons and he nearly made me cry with that speech. Jerry's "after" clip was wonderful!

Marcie said...

We had an appt that night and hubs said as we were on our way, "I forgot to DVR the BL." I said, "That's okay. I'll read Kiki's recap and I'll be just fine!" lol... We got home in time to watch the last hour or so.

I loved when Bob blew up at Joelle! I think that might be my favorite BL moment! lol...

Thanks for providing these recaps for all of us. I certainly appreciate it. (and somewhat rely on it!)

RooBabs said...

That was crazy to see Bob so mad- but really I don't blame him. Silver team has got to shape up, or ship out! But I love how they kept showing the clips of Carla at home working her butt off- what a contrast.

I was so impressed on the challenge that so early on, some of the teams really pushed it. And the pink team, Helen, that was definitely not expected. I love that Tara pulled off the win ahead of Blaine.

And you know I was all weepy at the end, but Brown dad definitely had a good point- and look at the amazing transformation Jerry and Stella made! Unbelievable!!

Oh, and good point in the comment about Joelle not becoming Vicky, because she doesn't have enough drive (Nick and Rebecca). I don't think she'll last much longer.