Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Biggest Loser Couples: Meet the Couples... or Not

Okay, I fully admit to not taking close notes last night on the BL, mainly because my mom and I were talking the whole time and I was also texting E through the whole thing. But overall, here are some thoughts.

I am so glad (kind of) that White Team dude didn't pass out from Jillian working him too hard. That was seriously my biggest fear, because lots of people think that Jillian and Bob push these people too hard. I mean, I didn't enjoy watching him pass out, but at the same time... he made himself pass out from his own workout. Wow. I also mentioned that I was watching with my mom, who will be turning 62 years young next week. In looking at Jerry and Estella, I told my mom that even though she is out of shape and overweight, there are people who are in a much worse position than her. I really think that last night's show motivated her to start moving. Y'know, when there isn't ice on the ground, which seems a constant here in my hometown over the holiday.

I seriously can't believe how young some of these contestants are... and how big they allowed themselves to get. Seriously. Makes me thankful that I had my wakeup call while I was in the mid-200s (wow, did I just say that?) instead of letting myself get into the 300s. Oh, and if I was the last

Teams I like: The Blue Team (cousins), The Yellow Team (sisters), The Black Team (cousins), The Red Team (the engaged couple), and the Green Team (former models). Teams I don't like: The Silver Team (more on that later), The Purple Team (seriously? you picked Bob over Jillian? J trains WINNERS...), The Brown Team (don't like the dad). The rest? No opinion just yet....

I am seriously upset about the twist, where each team (minus the Brown and Black teams) had to send ONE person home. This is just dumb beyond belief because there are people who NEED to be on that ranch. They ALL need to be on the ranch, and to send them home right away, it's like not even giving them a chance. Also, the Silver Team kind of drove me crazy. Right away, Carla seems like a game player. She threatened Joelle when they were discussing the split in the room, and then at the table, she said that this was a real test of their friendship. Um, Joelle, you'd better lose weight and get Carla back to the ranch or she won't be your friend anymore. Nice.

Sorry that I didn't give you a more complete update... but I am enjoying my last few days at home. NBC made it easier for me by splitting the teams, less names to remember :)


Angie Eats Peace said...

The silver team irritated me, too.

I loved the white team, I am really rooting for them!

KK said...

I agree! The splitting teams thing is so sad since those people really need to be there and learn how to change their life.

Cammy said...

I enjoyed the first episode, but I still don't like how they get so disappointed after losing so much weight.

I'd pick Bob as a trainer in a heartbeat. I like his sense of humor. :) Can't wait to see Other Bob next week!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Hi! I just discovered you today. :)

I was soooooo cranky when they split the couples ... that was a bummer. The cute WHITE couple has been together over 40+ years ... how could you separate them??? :(

Cyd said...

I am such a Biggest Loser fan, I love Jillian and Bob and really wish they would come make me pass out from working out so hard.

P.S. Just found your blog and looking forward to more!

RooBabs said...

Oh Kiki, how I've missed you!!!

I got so far behind on blog readingn over the holidays, and I'm still catching up.

Oh boy, I don't know about that first episode. I really didn't like the whole split idea. The main reason is because then as people weighed in, they couldn't celebrate their hard work, because they knew they would have to decide who was going home. It was really crappy.

I mostly agree with the teams you like. I'm totally rooting for the green team and the yellow team (they kick some serious butt for "fat girls"). The red team didn't really click with me, though, and the pink team is definitely growing on me. And once again, the cute old man stole me heart (what is it with guys named Jerry on that show? this season and last, LOL).

Oh, and I fully agree that the silver team is 110% annoying as hell (whoah, I just cursed- you know it's bad). But I'm sure you have more to say about that in your recent post, so I'll stop my ranting. = )