Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mind Games

I've started weight training again, and it is so tiring :) I'd say it's been a good six or seven weeks since I picked up a weight or did a lunge. On Sunday, E and I decided to start our strength training along with our C25K. We did some weights, lunges, squats, and crunches. I was tired afterwards, but not really sore. Monday, we went to Pilates and did a C25K run (still repeating W5D1). Since it was a holiday, I went home and worked from my couch while watching Rocky II (the only Philadelphian athlete who never disappoints... hint hint Eagles defense). When I tried to get up to get a drink... OMG. I. Was. So. Sore. I ended up working from my couch for the rest of the day and popping two Tylenol before I went to bed. I almost didn't work out yesterday, but I figured that something is better than nothing. So, I did the strength training workout from the Biggest Loser Vol. 1 DVD. I felt a lot better doing something... and I definitely wasn't sore this morning.

We've been moving along on our journey back in the C25K. Since it has been so long since I've run, I've been repeating lots of days. And trust me: three intervals of 5 minutes of running followed by three minutes of walking is ALOT if you haven't run in seven weeks. Today, we decided to progress and move onto W5D2, which is two intervals of 8 minute runs and 5 minute walks. I didn't think I was going to make it through the runs, and yet, I did. Part of it was that E and I switched our running positions. I had been running on the outside lane and E on the inside. In running on the outside, I felt that I was always trying to catch her, that I was going too slow, etc. I told her it was messing with my head, and that's why I was so out of breath while I was running. After our first interval, she totally got what I was saying... there's just something about that outside lane that makes you go crazy... all the speeding up and slowing down to pass people that are walking, going around the corners make you fall behind... it's a big old mind game! We're planning on next Friday being our long 20 minute run... ugh. It seems so far away, and yet, I know we can do it!


Suze said...

I just wanted tell you what an inspiration you are. Good for you for sticking with the journey! You look fabulous!

Angie Eats Peace said...

You CAN do it! You have accomplished so much so far, good luck!