Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Well, maybe at least for two days. Yesterday was supposed to be rainy all day, but around 3PM, the sun came out and the weather turned nice. Would you blame me for letting my late class out a bit early in order to get in my first outdoor run of 2009? It was great. I drove over to the stadium and ran a two mile loop around the various campuses of my university. Running outside is a lot harder than what I remember it to be :) But it felt WONDERFUL. I'll be doing it again today before the rain returns on Friday!


ptg said...

Wooo-hooo! I would totally let my classes out early. :o)

Oh - and I have a new blog address.

Come visit me! :o)

tas said...

Way to get back into exercising and enjoying the beautiful weather! Good for you!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Woohoo for Spring and outdoor runs!

Cammy said...

So glad you found a break in the weather! Good for the spirits and the heart! :)