Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Biggest Loser: VOTE FOR ED

Okay, this is going to be a total BL post, so stop reading (MIZ!) if you've Tivo'ed it.

Can I just say how disappointing last night was? Sure, I was super excited that Michelle kicked ass at the weigh in, that we finally saw Jillian cry (I love her), and that America decides the fate of the final three. However, more and more this season, this has been about playing the game, not making choices that will change the lives of the contestants. For example, take Vicky: Bob asked her what she learned from the whole BL experience. She said, "I learned about exercise and nutrition." And Bob asked again: "What did you learn about YOU?" Vicky: Mmm... nothing. I love when Bob told the Blue Team about the guy who won in the first season (total game player) who has now gained back all his weight. I feel bad for Bob. He has a team of game players, and you can see that it breaks his heart to know that he's working so hard at supporting them, and all they're getting out of it is how to win the game, not how to change their lives. And yes, I think this goes for Heba and Ed too.

So, let's go there: Heba and Ed. They work as a unit, which is good in some respects, but HORRIBLE in others. Heba totally half-assed the challenge because she knew that Ed could win it for both of them. Ed completely threw his weigh-in so that Heba could make the final three, but that turned out not to work anyway. And then their "plea" videos (which you can see here)??? As soon as Ed started talking about how we should all vote for Heba, I got turned off. Ed, don't you want this for yourself? To me, this just shows what a slackass he is (geez, guys, sorry for all the cussing, but last night really ticked me off). He never wanted to work out, he already went home, and to me, this just all says that he's not that into continuing with the hard work once he has gone home. Obviously, Heba is going to come back looking great because she's going to continue working hard at home. But, again, what has sunk into their heads about this? NOTHING. To me, they have taken nothing away from this.

Which brings me to my point: Vote for Ed. Screw these game players big time. I've been struggling with eating right all week, due to my cold, finals stress, and just being cooped up in my house due to the previous two issues. To me, it kind of sucks to have gained some weight this week, but you know what? I've learned so much about food, about myself, and about what I can do on this journey over the past year. And I refuse to gain the fifty pounds that I've lost back. To me, it's not about having a negative movement on my weight tracker. That's great, but I know that it's not going to happen every week. I lost close to 30 pounds this year. Would I have liked to lose more? Yes, but at the same time, weight loss is not a contest. I used to find this show so inspiring, and really, I credit the first "couples" season as being a huge motivator in my exercise challenges to myself. But now, I'm getting as jaded as all of you. And Bob's pleas last night for Vicky, Heba, and Ed to realize what this show is all about is too little too late. I'm just hoping that next season isn't as cut throat as this season, or NBC will be losing another viewer.


Amy said...

I agree! and I think that Ed and Heba are totally playing the game. I think Ed gained on purpose so he will be "voted" out, and then he can be the at home winner and Heba can be the big winner -- that way they would win even more money than if they were both in the final three against each other. (Did that long-run-on sentence even make sense? Ha!) Just my thoughts. :-) This season has been my least favorite so far.

Marcie said...

Okay, so I haven't watched it yet...but I'm getting that Michelle was the top loser this week?? And she's definitely in the finale?? If that's the case, I'm sooo glad about that!

Thanks for your recap...I'll watch it tonight. =)

timothy said...

Agree on all fronts. My fiance and I love watching the BL together really didn't like Vicky for the longest time. What mother says she doesn't want to win a phone call from her kids because the prize isn't worth it?(remember: 'I wanna focus on the game') and after watching Ed submarine the weigh in and say we should vote for his wife followed by her saying 'my husband wants you to vote for me' We still don't like Vicky but we really don't like Ed/Heba right now. Here is my honest take on the situation.

Ed knows he can go home, workout and lose enough weight to be the 'at home winner' he also knows that he can kick Hebas butt in gear and she has a shot at winning. Basically they are trying to play the game and win $350k. If they were both in the top two they can only win $250k. I think even before they were both in the bottom he planned on throwing the challenge betting she'd be in the top two.

I voted for Ed as many times as I could because I don't think Heba will win the at home challenge but BL was about people losing weight and not a crash diet game show.

KK said...

Ditto! This season is beyond sad....sad that the Blue team only cares about MONEY instead of their LIFE.

Chrissie said...

I agree...and I have already voted for Ed.

RooBabs said...

Ha ha ha. I love coming here and having my opinions validated. I've felt guilty lately for being so negative about Vicky and BL, so it helps that others feel the same way (and feel free to cuss all you need!).

As soon as I finished watching last night, I called from my home phone and voted for Ed- I had the same logic: screw over the game players. I was hoping that Vicky would fall below the yellow line so I could vote her out of the final, but Ed will do. He's a jerk for trying to throw the weigh-in, and all the bull-crap from the confessional about trying to convince us to vote for his wife? Ugh! Despicable. And was anyone else bothered by Heba whining about how since she was the biggest girl, she has to work harder than anyone else just to lose the same amount? Argh!

I am really, really glad that Michelle is in the final, though. I'm so proud of her physical and emotional transformation. She's what the show should be about. Not the game play, and not the money-whores.

I thought it was great that Bob was finally calling Vicky on her commitment to a lifestyle change (and that he brought up the Season 1 winner who has gained back all his weight, which I learned by watching that Oprah). That whole vegetable talk had me cracking up. "I make green beans sometimes, but I usually cover them with onions and bacon!" Oh my gosh! Then when challenge time came, and the prize was Biggest Loser Meal Plan, and she was saying how great that would be (yeah, I bet, since you let your kid eat 6 yogurts!). I laughed again when she fell to the back of the pack and came in last place.

I'm so sick of Ed and Heba winning so many big prizes (like the motor-home, the $10,000 and the meal plan), they certainly don't need to win the grand prize and the at-home prize, too. I hope Michelle wins it all, and Renee or Coleen win the at-home prize (restoring some of my faith in humanity- or heck, even red Amy). Please just don't let Vicky win, or I might have to stop watching.

Sorry my rant was so long. I hope you feel better soon, and don't worry about any gains. Once you get back to your old self, your body will re-adjust. And I love your new 5k ticker. Hopefully you'll be dressed more appropriately than the ticker-girl, LOL.

Side note: my word verification was "orrygori", how funny is that?

Donna B said...

Agree 100%!
If Ed wins the popular vote next week it will be due all of us that think this way, and I can't wait to see his face! We, the audience will be the game players! I have a feeling he won't try to lose much more weight and as for Vicky, what will she eat since they seem to always eats out and she doesn't eat veggies? How much more can she lose on the outside?