Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Biggest Loser Recap: Crazy Crazy Vicky

Greetings from sickly Kiki. I ended up spending the day in my pajamas, grading away. No gym for me. Also, not really much sleep either (stupid cold). I'm actually feeling a little worse today... seems like my cold is now migrating into my throat/chest area. Lovely. So, it'll only be a matter of time before I call my doctor for my wonder drug (ZPac please!) I've also decided that there will be no 5K for me on Sunday. Mad props to y'all who can run while having the largest sinus headache of your life, but me? I've been taking it easy this week, and I want to get over this cold. There will be more 5Ks in the future, and you KNOW I'll be there.


Anyway... BL. Ali tells them to pack up and that they're heading to NYC for their huge makeovers that they're going to debut on the Tyra Banks show (another crazy who I love!). Sounds good until Christian Siriano shows up. As a Project Runway fan, I have to say Christian has become the most overexposed caricature of any of the winners. Seriously, he has to go. BRING TIM GUNN BACK!!! And while people seemed to be raving about all those dresses he picked for the ladies, I'm sorry... hippy girls + pockets on dress = more attention drawn to the hips. My favorite dress that I bought over the summer had flimsy little pockets, but these were just big and bulky. Vicky's hips looked ridiculous with that belt (even I felt bad for her) and I just don't think that Christian had any idea what he was doing dressing a fuller figured woman. Tim Gunn is much more experienced at that. (DID YA HEAR ME NBC???? I WANT MY TIM GUNN!!!!!) Getting to see their families was cool, especially Michelle and her dad (aren't they adorable?) but like Jillian and Bob reminded them in Times Square, they were there for a reason: to lose weight, not to be all glammed up.

Okay, back to the ranch and the challenge for this week. At first, I thought it was the combination of my cold and grading, but the challenges are getting dumber and dumber as the season goes on, no? Here's a plexiglass box. Wedge yourself up in there and stay the longest. Then you get to go on a two week spa vacation. Um, what? NO SENSE. Also, if they can't hold themselves up, they have to drop down into the pool. Vicky stays up there for all of two seconds and then she sits on the divider between her and Michelle, refusing to fall. At this point, Roses by Outcast started playing in my head... you know, the last part of the song where they just keep repeating "crazy crazy b!tch"... yup, that's what I was thinking about Vicky. What on *earth* was she trying to prove by doing that? I loved how Heba was getting mad at her and telling Michelle to push her in. Eventually, Michelle won (rock on!) and they had to sit there for another 10 or 15 minutes before Vicky decided to drop in the water. Then she gave this little speech about how she doesn't trust herself, blah blah blah. It might have been sincere, but seriously, Vicky is like the boy who cried wolf. No one wants to deal with that crap anymore.

Last chance workout.... Jillian's freaking out because she's nervous (she's just a bundle of nerves this season, no?).... weighins: Ed and Renee fall below the yellow line and OF COURSE Vicky votes to keep Ed (you have to say when she puts her mind to something she does it). Renee goes home but looks fabulous! Girlfriend is a size 8. Wow!!! But we know next week is when the final three get to move forward. And just like last year, the public gets to choose who out of the bottom two moves on. Oh, please, let Vicky be in the bottom two. I'd love to vote her off. Me. Vote her off. You too.

Time for more tissues and a hot shower. Toodles!


Half Blog Girl said...

I am praying that she falls below the yellow line next week. Sweet justice. I don't know how I will continue to watch the show if the final 3 are all blue team members.

c said...

Great recap! I wasn't loving the dresses either...I thought they didn't show off their new bodies as well as they could have.

I have no idea what's going on with the challenges. I'm glad this season is almost over.

I hope you get better! I've also come down with a cold in the past few days and it's getting worse. Such a crappy time to get sick! I'm thinking, why couldn't this have waited for 2 more weeks so my finals were over?

Marcie said...

I'm with you on the pockets on hippy girls! I'm not very fashion-smart but hellloooo??? Not a good look. Isn't the point to slim yourself, not bulk yourself??

I thought it was funny when Heba picked up the little runt, too. lol...

I'm praying that Vicky falls below and the fans vote her off. I don't think we bloggers are the only one who hate her!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I almost felt bad for Vicki, too.

That outfit was REALLY unflattering.

Cammy said...

So sorry your cold is getting worse! No fair! Fwiw, I think you're wise to forgo the 5k. Too much stress on the body.

Feel better soon!

(My captcha word is 'dente' which has me wanting some spaghetti!)

carla said...




Ill be back when Ive watched...

RooBabs said...

So sorry that you're all sicky and stuff. And right before your 5k debut! It's such a cruel twist of fate! But you're right, there are other 5k's out there, and you will enjoy it much more when you're feeling better.

I'm so glad I wasn't imagining that Vicky and Heba looked horrible in those dresses. Well, they looked good from the waist up, anyway. Heba looked as big as a mack truck in that poofy-skirted-pockedted dress. WTH? She looked way better in that black dress she tried on. And Vicky's hips looked unnaturally big and square with that belt cinching her waist so tight (I have this same problem if I emphasize my waist too much- but I didn't have sympathy for her at all... am I evil?)

I was so sad that Renee went home, but dang, she's looking good. I can't believe she's lost 95 lbs! Hello, contender for at-home winner!

And all that Vicky bull-crap and drama? I am so done with her. If she falls into the bottom 2, you know I'm voting her butt home! That red hair makes her look even more like the devil that she is. At this point, I hope Michelle wins it all, because the rest of them make me crazy.