Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Does anyone remember that old SNL skit, Mary Katherine Gallagher? It was huge while I was in college, and my friends and I used to love that skit a ton. Maybe it was because I was a former catholic school girl myself, but sometimes, I just think to myself "I'm a SUPERSTAR!" just as a little pick me up. Sometimes we all need things like that :)

I went back to the gym yesterday and today. Yesterday, I did another C25K run on the treadmill. You know, I think I might be in love. With the treadmill of course! I concentrated on my speed yesterday (Hello, 5.2 mph! I don't think we've ever met before!) as well as my stride. I loved it. Today, I tried out a new Super Sculpt class. It was great. A bit of a cardio warmup, then all sorts of squats, lunges, and weights. I really enjoyed it. Another goal of mine today is to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. Going to the grocery last night should help with that... kind of hard to eat healthy if there's nothing in your fridge!

So, it's my birthday next month... and while it isn't a milestone birthday (next year will be though), I'm thinking of having a blogging even for it. Anyone interested in doing the sparkpeople bootcamp with me throughout the month of March? I want to be fit and fabulous for the last year of my 20s. Let me know if you're interested, and if so, I'll give more details in a future post.


Just_Kelly said...

I'd be interested. Looked over it and it definetely looks like a do-able plan and a good "getting back on the exercise wagon" system.

Kristina said...

You ARE a superstar! and yes, that skit was and will always be the bomb.
I might be down for that bootcamp. It'll be tough going from nothing to a lot, but it would be worth it. Maybe it'll be the boost I need!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Sign me up! I am interested!!!!

ptg said...

I LOVE Mary Katherine Gallagher!!!

I would love to do the bootcamp, but seeing as how I'll be knee deep in half-marathon training, I'm gonna have to skip out on this one...*sniff*

But I'll cheer you on the whole way!

(Oh, and I totally owe you an email, don't I?!)

Angie Eats Peace said...

I love MKG. My friend and I used to always perform her skits in our acting class.

I may be up for bootcamp!

carla said...

and what has happened to her? MKG? havent see her (yes Im drawing a blank on the actress' name) in ANYTHING lately!

good idea on the birthday event---whats the specific date of the big day?

RooBabs said...

You are a total SUPERSTAR! I had seen the skits, but I just barely watched the whole movie not too long ago. Can you believe I'd never seen it?

The birthday bootcamp is a great idea, too, but I don't think I'm up for it. I'll be lucky to get my running back on track. But good luck, girl!