Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Okay peeps, here's the info on the boot camp challenge. We're going to start on March 1 (Sunday) and run through March 28 (Saturday). It's a four week challenge, and yes, there is an activity to do every day. However, don't sweat it if you can't completely commit to working out every day. I'll tell you right now that there are two days that I won't be able to work out, because I'll be flying to and then flying back from Vancouver. But I plan on working out the other 26 days of the challenge. In fact, Sparkpeople says the following about skipping one of these workouts: "If you miss a day, you can move on to the next day or do two videos in one day. Think of the New YOU workout plan as a guideline, so if you mess up here and there, don't worry—just get back to it!"

So, how does it work? SparkPeople have posted a short video (5-10 minutes) for us to do each day. (You can find the videos here. Page down and click on the corresponding day.) To do the videos, all you need are a set of hand weights (I suggest 5-8 lbs) and a stability ball (I'm going to buy mine at TJ Maxx this weekend!)

Along with the videos, we will all be doing 30 minutes of cardio, 5 days a week. So, what will your week look like?

Sunday: Kickboxing video
Monday: 30 minutes of cardio and lower body sculpt video
Tuesdays: 30 minutes of cardio and upper body sculpt video
Wednesday: 30 minutes of cardio and core strength video
Thursday: 30 minutes of cardio and lower body workout video
Friday: 30 minutes of cardio and upper body sculpt video
Saturday: Core Workout Video

I'll post a check in every Saturday to see how we're all doing, if we find the videos challenging, etc.

I'm ready to commit! How about you? If you are willing to start this boot camp challenge with me, hit me up in the comments! My goal is to feel fit and fine at 29 (which will happen on March 27)... how about you?


Just_Kelly said...

I was thinking about this last night: so excited!

I think for my cardio I'll rotate walking, swimming,and workout DVD's. I need to get back to the gym and do spinning again, just getting over there (to the Leach) is a hassle.

Very excited about this! Can you possibly list the people/blogs doing it so we can follow each other in RSS and comment/encourage one another?

Mine is www.choosinglosing.com for anyone else out there!

tas said...

i've been looking for something different for my workouts... more strength training. count me in, but after viewing the videos, i'll probably have to modify some due to my wimpy back! :) love the idea of the vision board too!

Irene said...

Sounds fantastic. I am already on a fitness schedule or I would join. Maybe I will do a couple of the videos on the weekend.

SparkPeople is loaded with fantastic motivators.luous

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Yay! I am so in!!!! Thanks Kiki!

Boo Bear's Place said...

Count me in. I'm glad I found you through HYC! I'm up for a good challenge.

Angie Eats Peace said...

I am in, I need a bit of a kick in the ass, so this should do it.
I just need to get a stability ball..

Cammy said...

Oh, all RIGHT! Quit nagging already! I'll do as much as I can! :)

natalie said...

Not sure how I stumbled across your blog...but glad I did! I'm in too! :)