Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snow Daze

When I finally got my butt out of bed this morning at 7:45 and dragged it to the gym, it was kinda sorta flurrying. By the time I got to the gym and was at the end of my first 10 minute interval (that's Week 6 Day 2 of C25K if you're keeping track) we had a huge snow squall. I love snow, don't get me wrong, but running on the treadmill which is placed in front of a ceiling to floor length mirror while snow was coming in crazily with the wind? It was almost dizzying. Then, after about a minute or two of this squall, things returned to normal, and I completed the rest of my run.

I COMPLETED THE REST OF MY RUN! I'm so glad that I decided to switch over to the treadmill for these training runs. Today was the first day that I did W6D2, which is a 10 minute run followed by a 3 minute walk and then another 10 minute run. I admit that I was a little tired towards the end of interval 2, but still... I rocked those 10 minute runs. I think I might do that day maybe one or two more times and then start moving onto the longer runs, building my distance. Eep! I'm starting to feel like a runner again :)

Wow! I'm so excited about the response to my Boot Camp Challenge, which, in my head, I keep referring to "Fit and Fine for 29!" I'll put more details up here soon, but I'd like to start on March 1st since it's a four week commitment and the big 2-9 is on March 27th. Yay!


RooBabs said...

Glad that you're loving the treadmill (and not afraid of it anymore)!! Sounds like a great run, other than the dizzying snow. Back in high school, a friend of mine used to say it was like Star Wars when you're driving in the snow at night (since all you can see is white specks coming at you) and that's what it reminded me of. But on the good side, I just barely read the other day, that runners who run in front of a mirror have better form than those who don't. So keep that in mind. = )

And I love the "Fit and Fine for 29"! It has such a ring to it. You are going to be just that- I know it!

Kristina said...

Fit and Fine for 29! That's AWESOME! Since my 23rd bday is in June, I can make my slogan Getting to Bling in time for Spring! HAH!

Cammy said...

You're so creative with your challenges!

Running "in" the snow sounds pretty awesome to this southerner. Kudos for getting to week 6!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Good job finishing! That would have made me dizzy.

Just_Kelly said...

Hey girl! I want to hear about your conference! Dorky poly-sci girls unite! Find me on gchat sometime!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

WOOHOOO for you!!! Congrats on the run!