Saturday, November 1, 2008

Keeping Track

I'm amazed at people who use Excel to keep track of their daily lives. Sure, I use it at work for grades and my data, but I only have one other use for it at home: I use it to track my weight. I have a spreadsheet going back to January with all my info-- weight, lost that week, lost so far, and my BMI. However, when it comes to keeping track of my exercise routine, I use a good old fashioned calendar and a pen. This hangs on my refrigerator:

I started using it as a way to keep track of what I was supposed to be doing on the Biggest Loser video. Then, when I did some of Swizzlepop's ab challenges, I used it to tally my cardio time. Now, I use it as a motivator. Did I already take a day or two off that week? Well, I'd better do something to move my booty! Here's what it looks like up close (this is October):

Today, the first day of November will have a little note that says "C25K: 38 minutes, 2.81 miles". Or maybe I can mark it as my graduation day from C25K and just say "Ran 38 minutes, 2.81 miles." Because, to me, it is UNBELIEVABLE that I actually ran for 38 minutes straight. Part of it is a mind game, and part of it is what I'm feeling in my legs and arms right now (soreness). I just can't believe I did that. I can't believe I *can* do that. I think with a month out from my 5K, training is now into full force, and I'll be aiming for those 3.1 miles every run. Woo!!!


Angie Eats Peace said...

How funny, I just bought a workout journal yesterday, so I can have room again on my I Love Lucy wall calendar. :)

Congrats on the running, you are doing awesome!

Jason said...

That's awesome!

Good job!!

ptg said...

Complete and total AWESOMENESS!!!

You are kickin' some boo-tay right now!

Cammy said...

I tried using Excel to track my exercise and mood, but there's something wonderful about writing it in on the calendar. Excel doesn't handle exclamation points so well, and it's not as much fun "clicking" some sort of victory. I use a little booklet calendar, and my own special codes. It's fun!

You are doing SOOO awesome with your running!

RooBabs said...

38 minutes? That is awesome!! Happy C25K graduation! Yippee for Kiki!

And you calendar is really cute.