Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Biggest Loser: You Wanna Piece of Me?

Before I jump into my Biggest Loser post, I have to tell you guys about the funniest thing that happened today. I went to spin class, as usual, and there were two guys in class tonight (apart from the old guy who's there every week). I've seen both of these guys around the gym before, and I'd have to say they're about my age. Well, spinning was crazy tonight. I don't know what happened, but my legs felt like lead. I kept going, but eased up on the resistance a bit... but still sweated like anything...seriously, it was just dripping off of me. When we were done, the guy on the bike next to me gave me a fist bump and he was like "yeah! great job!" I almost laughed out loud (I hope I didn't!) because I really needed that encouragement after my legs felt so tough!


Well, I have to say, I'd love to be on an island with Bob, and since Amy has given up her "island" that she made for herself, I'd be happy to take her place since Bob supposedly resides there. Sigh. He's sooooooooooo dreamy. Even in his nut-hugger 80s shorts.

But onto the game. Seriously, someone needs to use a taser on Vicky. What was up with calling Amy a b!tch every two minutes? I thought this was a family show! I just think it shows how immature Vicky is and how she takes everything personally. The thing is (I know, I'm jumping ahead of myself) Vicky is playing to win. And if Amy is dumb enough to not realize that, well then, she deserves to be left up to the mercy of Vicky.

The 80s theme was so dumb. You didn't have Tim Gunn on this season, but you have an 80s theme? With Ali acting superdumb??? Ugh. I did enjoy Bob's step aerobics class and Jillian's breakdancing class. But the challenge itself is dumb and not really fair. Who knows all those random facts? I don't know. It's quite possible that I was completely bored when Vicky wasn't acting like a rabid dog.

I'm so glad that Michelle used the pound penalty against Vicky instead of taking the cash. I'm so disappointed in Amy. She needs to see that keeping Coleen would have been the smart thing because her weight loss was slowing down, and if she REALLY thinks that Vicky is going to save her if she ever falls below that yellow line... ha. I kind of want it to happen because I think she's dumb. And what was that crap about working 60 hours a week and having two kids? So does that just mean that Vicky's planning on gaining her weight back when she goes home, because, in her words, "when is she going to have time to work out?" Um, hon, it takes work to take the pounds off and KEEP THEM OFF. You're gonna have to keep going.

Coleen looks FABULOUS. Size 10! Woo! I'm just so glad to see how happy she is and that she keeps going. I seriously almost cried at that "where are they now" segment. Next week: Michelle and Renee sound like they are going to be threatened. That's going to make me sniffly again. I do have to say that there will not be an update next week, as I will be away on Turkey holidays. Sorry kids! I promise to pick the BL updates again the first week in December (eek!!!) Stay warm!!


DaDivaStreet said...

Way to go on the spinning! Sounds like you still worked it out! Thx for the BL update, I don't get the chance to watch, so I love the info from others!

Devon said...

"nuthugger 80s shorts"

Thank you for making me spit my coffee all over my keyboard. :)

RooBabs said...

That's funny about your spinning class, fist bump, ha ha.

About BL, I just kept thinking about the 80's theme, "what the crap? where did this come from?" And I thought it was hilarious the outfits they had to wear. Especially Vicky and Heba. How mortifying!

I also thought the challenge was pretty lame, and was so glad when Michelle won (and not Vicky) and she decided to give the penalty to Vicky. And I was hoping that Amy would be smart again and send Vicky home, but apparently she didn't want to be black-listed again.

I loved the 80's workouts with Bob and Jillian, though, and I was cracking up at your "nut-hugger shorts" comment! Now I don't remember who on the show was saying she couldn't wait to see how short Bob's shorts were- that was funny, too.

I just hope that next week neither Michelle nor Renee fall below the yellow line, or all hope is lost that Vicky will go home before the final. She is so negative, and it was great that Bob kept pointing out how she needs to let it go or it will destroy her. But what was all that crap about Amy apologizing to Vicky? She did nothing wrong- ugh!

Sorry for the super-long rant. = )

Chrissie said...

Way to go on the spinning. Sounds like fun. Biggest Loser sure was interesting. I was so upset that Coleen went home especially over Vicky. Hello...she's the bitch. Have a good turkey holiday.

Marcie said...

I was really hoping it would be Vicky and Heba below the yellow line! Poor Colleen. I really thought Amy would vote Vicky since she'd been so mean to her, but no. Arrrrggghhhh.....I literally screamed "nooooo!!" when they showed her card said Colleen. I even woke the dog up. lol....

BTW...Heba in a leotard? Seriously?! GROSS.

I'll miss reading your reaction next week but I'll forgive you this time. ;)

carla said...

no reading not reading still tivod not reading.

Cammy said...

I think I'm over TBL. For Coleen to be so devastated over a 3-pound loss is just wrong, and I'm beginning to think they're sending the wrong message. In previous years, anything loss from 2 to 5 pounds was celebrated. Now, they cry.

Plus, I can't stand that Vicki. :)