Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: I left my motivation in San Francisco...

Okay, channelling Tony Bennett... I left my motivation in Philly over the weekend. Last Friday, I didn't post my Weekly Weigh In, because we left very early to drive to Philly to visit my mom for her birthday. But I had a very successful week... losing close to three pounds!! Fast forward one week, lots of eating out, no exercise, and some stress eating, guess what? That weekly weigh in is gone. I've literally gained back the weight that I lost last week. So, I find myself back at the beginning.

But according to Julie Andrews, isn't that a very good place to start? Well, maybe not on this health journey.

I started to think about my lost motivation. Why do I want to lose weight?

1) I want to get off my blood pressure meds.
2) I don't want to have a stroke at age 41, like my cousin did.
3) I want to be able to conceive without any problems, when the time is right.
4) I don't want a difficult pregnancy, nor do I want to be classified as high risk pregnancy.
5) I want to be able to fit in clothes that I can buy in the "misses" section, not the "plus" section.
6) I want to be strong again.
7) I don't want to get winded walking up the stairs at my office (four flights) or walking from my parking lot to the office (all uphill).
8) I want to look awesome in a bathing suit on my honeymoon.
9) I want to feel sexy in my wedding dress.
10) I don't want to have to wear spanx to suck in my belly.

Most of my reasons are health related, but there are some vanity ones in there as well. I want to be healthy, but I also want to be happy, and yes, my self-esteem has taken a hit lately. I've been racking my brain lately as to what I can do to motivate myself. Somehow, waking up to do workout tapes has not been motivating. I think that I need to re-join a gym. I loved working out at the gym, using the weight machines, the rowing machine, etc. I felt strong then. And, thanks to my job, I have a new temporary six-month raise (yes, it's temporary, don't ask, I'll take what I can get) that I can justify using for this venture. So, here we go again. To me, starting over again and again is probably better than just giving up all together, right? And maybe, I'll get this thing going once again.

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Sangel said...

Hi Kiki! I have been reading your blog for sometime, You are such an inspiration to me! I know you can do it again! Congrats on the engagement!